Winter is done; Bring on the Summer Series!

posted Mar 25, 2009, 6:47 AM by Scoob Edoo
Well, in a few weeks, at least.  I ran into yet another snag when trying to register the trailer.  NJ and all their silly rules.  This time the MVC folks made up a new rule that the Certificate of Origin couldn't just be stamped by Harbor Freight, but instead needs to have the store info typed on the certificate.  Now no seller of these trailers (Northern Tools, HF, Trailer Express, etc) actually types their info on the certs - they all stamp it.  And I talked to a guy at the Ewing HF who said the one down the road from their store registers them all the time for customers.  So I'll be making a(nother) trip to the MVC, this time to Trenton, to try again.  Have i mentioned how much I hate this state?

Anyway, we had the last Winter Series event at CBP and Vicky Schaible, aged 7, ran her kart for the first time.  It was a great experience and Kieran watched very closely.  Vicky had offered him a co-drive for the event, but he shyly declined.  But after watching her (and trash-talking some) he was ready to try it.  We have to wait for another month, though, for the first Philly event, for him to get in his.  That gives me some time to figure out the tire mounting problems I've been having and getting something done for his pedal height problem.

I've had little time to play with mine or his.  I did finish the trailer and loaded both karts on to look for the best mounting points for strapping them down.  I got some more ratcheting tie-downs so I have 9 total for the 2 karts.  That should be sufficient, eh?  And putting the back bracing on the trailer is a really good idea, especially for what it cost ($0).  I cannot wait to get it on the road.  Philly Test & Tune should be the first road test, assuming I can get it registered...

Expedition is on eBay and will hopefully sell this week.  It was about to sell on Sunday (while I was at the event), but apparently a door or the hatch or something was left on and the batt4ery was dead when the guy came to check it out.  Sad since I came home, plugged in the charger and 1/2 hour later it started right up.  Opportunity lost.