Wilmington Champ Tour

posted Aug 5, 2014, 7:51 PM by Scoob Edoo
Since I didn't make it in the Pro, this was our first trip to Wilmington this year.  The drive up was wholly uneventful, with nary a problem even through Cincinnati.  The weather was perfect on Friday and we got a great paddock spot close to the Garfields and the Philly crew.  Ultimately paddock doesn't matter a whole lot since grid and courses are hell and gone away from where we have to park.  The good news was that the new canopy is perfect.  No problems at all all weekend and rock solid.

Kieran got to run the practice course with most of the other kids but couldn't see the timer, so had no idea if he was improving.  He looked good and we didn't have to re-gear him from how he was at the track last month.  That gear held all weekend, despite what all of the other parents were doing.

Saturday morning started off perfect, with a growing chance of rain later in the day.  KM ran 2nd and the first impression of the course was utter confusion due to the many layers of course from our low perspective.  It caused 4 of the 9 of us to go off-course on that run.  Fortunately, I was not one of them.  In fact I ran a smoking fast time and was up by over 2 seconds.  Right after the first runs were done, the rain that wasn't supposed to arrive for hours hit HARD.  Full on thunderstorm with wind blowing the rian at about a 60 degree angle.  We had an hour delay and there were deep puddles everywhere.  I obviously opted to not run my other two runs while helping my competitors with tire changes, etc., for their (very) wet runs.  I kept that lead into Sunday.

Kieran's runs on Saturday were better as he ran 4th heat by which time it was a beautiful day again and completely dry.  He was racing Tyler hard got a rerun for his last run and made it count. He took a 0.62 sec lead into Sunday.

Sunday's course was shorter and more wide open but I kept my gearing the same and Kieran's too.  The visuals were much better going that way, except one spot where I went off-course on my 2nd run.  Fortunately for me, again my first run was my fastest.  Very strange as I usually improve during the runs - and I knew there was more time to be found out there, but I just couldn't find it.  Even so, Colin S was the only one to run faster than I had, but I still ended up with the win by about 1.9 sec.  My first Champ Tour win.

Kieran's Sunday runs were again in perfect conditions and improved for his 2nd run for a great 57.1.  He again got a rerun on his 3rd run, but couldn't improve.  Tyler ran a smoking 57.5 on his first run but couldn't improve, so Kieran ended up winning by exactly 1 sec.

So we both won our class for the first time at a National event.  We were both very happy and Kieran said it was the best weekend ever.  I hope he remembers it always because it really was epic.  Not even a(nother) trailer tire blow-out could put a damper on it for us.  We made it home in time for him to get a good night's sleep before his first day of school.

Next up is working on my kart and the trailer to prep for Lincoln.  I leave the day before my birthday.