What happened?!

posted Sep 1, 2012, 1:34 PM by Scoob Edoo
Well, we've gone through a few changes around here - starting with where 'here' is now.  I took a job in Tennessee and we moved at the beginning of August.  All of our plans changed as a result of that move, so no Toledo Pro, no Pro Finale and Solo Nationals.  In fact not much in the way of karting at all since early June.  And few prospects for the rest of the year.  So not a whole lot of activity to write about.

Details: I'm now working for Eastman Chemical Co in the Adhesives and Plasticizers business as the Plasticizer Regulatory and Advocacy Manager.  It's a similar position to what I was doing with Rhodia, but the pay is better and the cost of living is somewhat less than New Jersey.  So in addition to making more, I'll also be able to save more for the kids' college funds.  Two thumbs up.

We bought a brand new house and moved in on the 17th.  There's not currently a place to store the trailer, but we have the lot next to us that we can build a big garage for the trailer and for working on karts or cars.  That's a ways out, tho, because we want to focus on finishing a few parts of the 2400 sq ft basement...

There are a few nearby SCCA regions, but no large lots within a 3 hr drive.  And there are no non-oval kart tracks within about 4 hours that I can find.  Pretty bummed about that but we have some options - like going to ovals and back to 4-strokes/clones.  And maybe I can find some partners to buy some land and start a regular road-course kart facility in the area somewhere.