What a bust - no event for us

posted Mar 25, 2012, 7:20 PM by Scoob Edoo
I got George Barrett to take on the job of replacing the truck's water pump, so Friday night we did that job for 5 hours.  I drove the truck all day Sat and it seemed to be fine.  I still didn't want to risk taking the trailer and both Kieran and I had resigned ourselves to not driving in the rain for the event, so I went down to Citizens Bank Park myself to help out with worker assignments.  When I got off the highway at the Sports Complex, the engine was smoking and smelling of coolant.  I got to the event and parked it.  Coolant was sprayed, but I didn't immediately see where it came from.  I finally squeezed the upper hose and coolant came out - it had expanded enough to hit the alternator pulley.  By that time it had sliced an inch long cut in the line.  I texted George and he brought a new upper hose and a bunch more coolant and water and we swapped out the hoses.  It turned out that the problem was that the hose we put on was about 3/4" too long at the radiator inlet and that "pushed" it too close to the alternator when up to temp and under pressure.  So we cut the new one and put it on with no problem.  There is no danger that this one will hit the pulley and it worked perfectly on the way home.

Meanwhile someone had rearranged the run groups a little and the shifters were scheduled to run third heat instead of first, and since the thunderstorms stayed away for the afternoon, the karts had a pretty good conditions to run.  Even the kids had good conditions for their second set of runs, so Kieran could have gotten some good runs after all.  But there were extenuating circumstances after all: Kieran had "forgotten" about several homework assignments and a good portion of a science project over the last week, so he was going to be staying home for that anyway...

Next up is Street Survival next week.  Then Easter, then the DC Pro.