Well that was unexpected

posted Oct 24, 2015, 5:41 PM by Scoob Edoo
We were sorta set to run the ETR Adesa event but Kieran's grades were again not good and we pulled out of the event for the first time since we got to TN.  Oh well.  And with that decision, we've concluded our season, such as it was.  For autox, we only ran Spring Nationals.  We also ran two track days (well, Kieran ran two; I only ran one of them since Sinea ran the second one with Kieran).  But I also ran four races so it was a great year for me.

I sold the big trailer a few weeks ago, so no more worries about it.  And no more off-site storage for things like the kart chassis tuning setup.  Today I removed the Roadmaster Active Suspension that I've had installed for 4.5 years to help haul that trailer.  No longer need it so it's for sale.  Also installed a battery tender in the truck along with a short extension cord so when we plug it in, both the block heater and the tender will be running.  So with that and the 5-40W synthetic oil I put in today, we should be set for the winter.

I also pulled out the karts today and checked on Kieran's intake boot that was apparently leaking somehow.  No rips or anything on it, but it's possible it just got tweaked enough over the last few seasons that there was some air getting in somewhere.  I replaced it with the spare new one and it started up and ran perfectly for about 30 minutes while I ran out some of the gasoline in his tank.  Still need to get him the Go-Pro compliant exhaust so we can go back there in the Spring.

For mine one of my fuel pumps was clogged with oil so I had to clean it out and reinstalled.  I got mine running after that and it ran strong for awhile.  But I again saw the water leaking from the weep hole on the bottom of the motor.  I used Google to diagnose the water pump seal is leaking, so I pulled the motor and ordered a new top-end rebuild kit and the new water pump and oil seals.  I already have the gasket kit so I'll get the motor rebuilt this winter to be ready for another year of hitting several autocrosses (instead of so many races).