Warminster re-re-re-re-visited

posted Oct 13, 2009, 12:43 PM by Scoob Edoo
We had our last Warminster event of the season on Sunday.  It started out very cool (40ish) but was sunny all day and topped out in the 60s.  We had a huge number of walk-ups and ended up with about 125 people, so a relatively large event for this year.  We ran SJR-style with Kieran and Vicky running between 1 and 2.  Kieran's kart was bogging at the line, but he listened to me about getting closer to the cones and actually hit a few during the day.  The helmet cam video shows how close he was, especially on the return slalom where he looks like a pro!  All that said, Vicky had one perfect run to take the victory by about 1 sec.

I still have no motor(s) for the kart and wasn't really planning to drive, but John Robertson offered me a co-drive when we were talking, so I accepted.  Nice to get back in AWD for a Warminster event!  The course was fun and fast with a couple of critical braking zones.  I put it all together on my 4th and 5th runs and was pretty satisfied with them.  So it was a fun day and I got a few ideas from John and others on why the kart is bogging at the line - early clutch engagement and/or running too lean.  Since it's a new clutch with new springs, I don't know how to get a later engagement other than really modifying the clutch shoes and getting really stout springs.  So I will investigate getting a few more jets for the carb to see if making the mix richer helps off the line.