Wachovia event

posted Nov 22, 2009, 5:26 PM by Scoob Edoo
What a week.  I got my motors back and spent some time prepping everything for the Suzuki when I realized that the J-arm was missing.  I mounted the motor, redid the clutch cable and set out to find the J-arm.  First stop was the box that contained all other pieces from both motors before I sent them to the motor guy.  EVERYTHING else was in that box, but no J-arm.  I looked all over the garage.  I looked in the car and truck.  I looked in the Garage, again.  I looked in the basement.  I looked in the garage, again.  No J-arm anywhere...

By the time I exhausted the hiding places for the J-arm, I thought I'd go with the TM instead.  But then I had to switch the shift lever, the mount (obviously) and a few other things to get it to fit and work.  Unfortunately it was too late in the game at that point to be able to break-in the motor with 5-6 heat cycles.  ARRRRGGGGHHHH!  So I threw in the hat and spent some quality time with the family for the rest of the day, defeated.

Luckily I got an offer to co-drive Dominick's Civic, so I got a good ride and got to help Dom with some set-up issues.  Ultimately I went pretty fast and I helped him go faster on his last run, too, so we were both happy at the end of the day.

Kieran got one more battle in the little kart with Vicky.  The site was huge, so we were figuring on an 80-85 sec course for them, but the course was pretty straight forward and we decided to let them run the full course.  Kieran went off course on his first run, but he settled down and was fast and focused for the rest of the day.  I only know he was running around 79 sec times and I think Vicky was around 81-82 sec.  Kieran's kart was running pretty well, getting to speed after only about 30-40 feet - much better than most of this year.  I had changed jets to the 56 and should have changed to the 54 to see if that was better, but we were happy with the way it ran regardless.  So I think the kart is pretty well set up for Killeen for next season.

The end of the day brought some more good news.  Danny drove in the kart enduro at Mid-Atlantic today and hitched a ride up to the event for the afternoon.  He brought his (Honda) J-arm to see if it would fit on the Suzuki.  With very little manipulation, it does!  YAY!  So now I know I only need to buy one for $40 and I will, undoubtedly, find the old one, so I'll have two for $40...  Whatever it takes.