Trailer time!

posted Dec 18, 2010, 3:56 PM by Scoob Edoo
I have found the near perfect trailer.  It's a 28' Forest River All American Sport toy hauler with a 10' garage.  It's well-used, but still in very good shape.  Kieran and I went to look at it in person today and the pictures represented it pretty well, so there were no surprises.  I looked around inside and underneath and there were no surprises.  Steven had given me some tips and things to investigate and it was all working.  According to the owner, all sensors, lights, etc, work on it and it has everything I wanted in a 28' package; I had thought I would need 30-35' for that.  So if all goes well this week, I'll be very poor again.  Have to purchase a few other goodies, too, in order to tow that thing.  So I have another 'to buy' list:

1. Weight distributing hitch (Reese strait-line)
2. Tow mirrors for the Excursion
3. Roadmaster Active Suspension for the Ex rear axle

So I'm excited and we'll have a big trailer for camping trips when we want to do that.  Since the racing schedule appears to be relatively light for 2011, maybe we'll work on setting up a trip or two this summer to see how the kids like "roughing it".