Track day at GoPro Motorplex

posted Sep 15, 2013, 7:26 PM by Scoob Edoo
It was a beautiful weekend and we had nothing else planned, so I arranged to head back over to Mooresville for some track time.  It was a perfect day - upper 60s and low 70s and sun.  I wanted to get Kieran some good time in the seat with this motor again - and try it out without the restrictor.  And since mine had been running pretty well, I wanted to test out the new radiator with some long runs and get to know the track better this time.

I planned to run the half-day special that started at 4.  They had an endurance race that ended after 2, just as we arrived.  I took some time getting the karts ready then hit the track just after four (half-price, yo!).  They weren't sure of the speed Kieran would have, so they made him run with a dad who was leading and following his 5-yr old around.  The kid was very slow, but going faster and faster with each run, so it was fun to watch.  We paddocked close to them and that kid could out-talk just about anyone I've ever met.  Kieran was really good with him, helping to build his confidence to go faster with each session.  Kieran could get in almost 2 clean laps without running up on them and slowly passing when they both knew he was there.  He was running times of around 1:03 when he could get the clean track.

Meanwhile, I had problems with my silly ground wire.  Twice.  Fortunately I got both problems fixed, but had relatively few clean fast laps to show for the day.  For whatever reason I couldn't get the motor restarted after the second fix, so I thought I had another problem - with the fuel.  So I finished early and focused on Kieran.

After several sessions and a few problems with his chain jumping off, he was running clean and having fun.  So I decided to remove the restrictor from the carb to give him an idea of the speeds he'll experience next year.  The dad and kid were done for the day, so Kieran had the track to himself for a 10 min session and he ran pretty well, after taking a few laps getting used to the new power and torque.  He started turning 59 sec laps and even dipped into the 58s a few times.  He would have gone even faster but he was hitting the rev limiter a few times on the track since I didn't regear the kart after I removed the restrictor.  He actually complained when he came in that the motor was making an annoying noise at a few places!

We stayed in a hotel that night and drove back today.  I was expecting to spend some time figuring out my motor's problem, but when I went out to mess with it, it started right up!  A happy conclusion, to be sure, but I don't know why it wouldn't start last night.  Oh well.