Toledo Pro recap

posted Jul 19, 2010, 6:26 AM by Scoob Edoo
Concrete!!! Oh man, what a difference.  I learned a lot about both karts this weekend, including: add my rear bar and the kart will drive MUCH better; and Kieran's K80 motors simply don't have the low-end necessary to keep up in National events.
So the trip out to Ohio was uneventful.  We stayed with my folks for Thursday night then drove to Toledo on Friday morning.  Perfect weather conditions all three days.  Nice breeze to knock down the perceived temps, and even got to see a few F16s taking off and flying about.
I tried to swap K80s to see if the rebuilt one would be any stronger, but it would not start.  No spark, so I guess my ignition fix did not fix the problem(s).  But I did learn that we had another clutch on that motor, so I swapped it onto the other motor since that one was almost down to metal.  Unfortunately, none of it mattered - this motor simply will not take off and Kieran was getting blown away by 5 sec on the launch.  Once it's upp on the high side of the carb, it's competitive, but not for Solo.  So it was frustrating for us both all weekend watching him lose all that time at the start.  But he was driving fast once it came up and put in some good times on the ragged edge.  So I think he learned a lot about the grip on concrete and I expect him to spin at least once when we run next weekend back on asphalt.
For me, I waqs struggling with grip and a seemingly lean-running motor on Saturday.  Launching on concrete is very different since there is generally no slipping and bogging can become the default problem.  So my Saturday runs were plagued by bogging at the line, then generally feeling out of control on course.  Since my tires were in their prime, I thought it was attributable to me and the motor not being up to speed.
For Sunday, I pulled the plug to see how it looked and it honestly looked excellent.  Not lean, not rich - just perfect.  So I put it back in.  I tripped over my rear bar in the trailer and decided to give it a try to see how that affected my handling.  Man, I wish I'd done that earlier!  It completely transformed the handling and allowed me to put down the power better everywhere.  I pushed hard on Sunday to improve my times and the kart responded perfectly.  I ran in the 26s range for the first time and if not for a red light on my last run, I would have moved up to 8th.  As it was I moved up to 9th or 17 from 15th, so I was happy to have figured out handling and to know that the motor wasn't down on power - I just could put the power down to the concrete on Saturday.  This should help me a lot for Lincoln.
Next up: finding a KT100 for Kieran before Lincoln.  And swapping on my Honda on (and melting some more lead for the extra 20 lbs I'll need for the PI).