Toledo Pro

posted Jul 6, 2014, 4:32 PM by Scoob Edoo   [ updated Jul 6, 2014, 4:37 PM ]
Despite the incredibly fast, record-setting sell-out of the Toledo Pro, both Kieran and I made it in.  I think I haven't been there since 2010 due to missing registration a few times and moving another, so this was much anticipated.  I remember the concrete being smooth and seamless - and LOTS of other karters were registered, too.  The trip up was uneventful and straightforward until about 20 miles from the site when traffic became an issue.  Even so we made it there by 2:30 on Friday and got paddocked close to tech, etc, with the Garfields, Sheidlers, and Lowers.  All we needed to do was tech (easy since the karts hadn't been touched since Lincoln) and registration.  Both went smoothly and we ate some sandwiches from the welcome party and walked the courses.

Ah, the courses.  Definitely not worth the wait nor the effort of 8 hours of driving.  I've never seen such a simple and non-technical course at a National-level event.  Frankly it was embarrassing and a total waste of the facility.  With no technical elements it quickly became a horsepower course.  Extremely disappointing and I think I'll pass on Toledo next year unless I hear someone nationally recognized will be designing the course.

As for the event itself, we had fun.  The kids ran at the end of the 2nd run group and Kieran had his first co-driver at a National event.  Jensen Peppler drove with Kieran since Andrew was in the process of selling Jensen's motor to Pete and getting ready to buy the new World Formula for August.  It wasn't an easy transition for Jensen as the kart was new-to-him, but by Sunday morning's runs, we was getting more comfortable and dropping chunks of time.  Another several runs and he would have gotten to where Kieran and Kimsoo were.

Speaking of Kimsoo, she has gotten much faster and gave Kieran a target to aim for - she ended up beating him by 0.4 for the weekend, something he's not used to.  But it was a great battle to watch on Saturday, with the lead being traded back and forth often.  And now he realizes he needs to step-up his game.

For me the weekend was a mixed bag, again.  To start, Lisa's motor was not cooperating on her new chassis and she was out of the Saturday morning runs after the first corner.  It didn't get better for her all weekend, with some fuel problem killing all of her runs.  But to start on Sat morning, we waited while they cleared her kart from the course and then I went out and my motor died after the first corner.  The problem?  If you've been paying attention for the last year, you'll know the answer: my ignition wire.  Seriously this is the 4th or 5th time.  Even after Lincoln when I doubled up a few 16 gauge wires, they broke at this next event.  The problem this time was that I forgot to zip-tie the wire up to the radiator hose, so the weight was just hanging on that long Lincoln trip and then this trip to Toledo and that caused the failure.  So no Sat morning runs for me.  But I literally diagnosed the issue before I'd even stopped on-course, so I had it fixed before the rest of the karts finished their runs.

So on to Sat afternoon runs and I got into the swing of things OK with a great run on the left but only a mediocre right side.  Left me 6th of 14 with high hopes for the Sunday runs.  The heat and humidity were intense on Saturday and I've rarely drank so much fluid and expelled so little.  But after a shower, Kieran and I met the Garfields and Mike Kline next door for dinner at BW3 where we watched many different sports on multiple TVs throughout the place.  They even had on the Nebraska-Michigan State game from last year when we beat MSU with a minute to go.  That was fun and we went back to the room and got a pretty good night's sleep.

Sunday the weather held but with clouds and not nearly as hot.  The karts definitely had some tricks up their sleeves as I improved but so did a bunch of others.  While I nearly matched my left-side time on the right, the fastest guys dropped time like crazy on both sides.  Lefty ended up schooling everyone, with Kline, Julian, Jackson, and Ryan rounding out the top five.  I held onto 6th, barely edging out the Sheidlers.

So the trip was worth it for the camaraderie with the karters and seeing a bunch of other folks we hadn't seen in DC, but the courses were a bust and my results mediocre, so it will take some doing for me to go back.