Time to catch up

posted Jun 28, 2010, 4:33 PM by Scoob Edoo
OK, I've gotten a bit behind updating what's been happening, so here's an expedited update.

I switched over my goodies to my new chassis and had a few problems.  The brake master cylinders are mismatched, causing a problem with the way the brakes are working.   It's almost working, but I'm getting some binding, even after making some changes.  So I'm on the lookout for matching masters to correct that problem.

Also on mine, the motor is still having the hesitation problem that started on the 2nd day of the Holbert.  I've cleaned out the carb, rejetted and everything else to no avail.  At yesterday's Philly event, Pete and I worked on a few things and got it running better, but still not right.  Power is cutting in turns and it's still stuttering.  I will switch the carb to the old Keihin this week to see if that corrects it.  Next option will be switching the ignition control module.

For Kieran's kart, I got some new sprockets to gear him better for technical courses.  For the DC Pro we put on the 89T sprocket and it was perfect.  But we also learned at the DC Pro that the K80 does not launch like the Yamaha KT100.  He was getting blown off the line by Carson Garfield, but the times after the 100' were comparable.  It was compounded in DC with the uphill launches, but I'm still pretty leery of continuing to run this motor if he's going to sacrifice 4 seconds every run.

But beyond the launch and a few course reading mistakes, Kieran really got a huge amount out of the DC Pro experience.  He improved on each of his 6 runs on the right course.  Each run!  And the 89T was the right call as he was not running out of gear, or just a little.  And we also learned just how much weight we still need to add to his kart - we added everything we had and more donated from other folks and he barely made his 250 lb minimum.  So we need to add more weight higher up for him before we hit Finger Lakes in 10 days.

Yesterday we did Philly event #7 and we regeared him to the 86T sprocket and he ran out of gearing throughout the course.  Should have gone to the 83 for the Warminster course - and probably will need to for the Finger Lakes course.  The Philly course was not easy but he was rocking from his first run.  And he trusts his kart so much more now that grip was never in question - he ran full throttle into the first turn, on concrete, and he stuck like glue and trusted it.  It was one of my proudest moments watching that.

So I have some work to do with mine, but Kieran's is running great heading into Finger Lakes and Toledo.