The season is over - time for Enduro karting!

posted Oct 29, 2009, 7:49 PM by Scoob Edoo
Not a stellar season for my kart, but I did learn a lot.  And, importantly, Kieran got really involved and got a huge amount of experience in his first season driving.  We're both really looking forward to next season.  And Killeen is, too, since she'll be driving the little kart next year.

Now onto indoor karting at Mid-Atlantic in Delaware with the DC and Philly guys.  Unfortunately Kieran is too small to participate this year, but he'll get to watch us drive with Julian and that should get him psyched up for racing in the kid series at NJMP next year.

Both of my motors should be done soon, just in time to sit in the basement for the winter.  And I've been looking for an enclosed trailer to store the karts and tools, etc, so the garage should be cleaned out before winter arrives so the Lexus can get hidden away from the elements.  Need to buy some snow tires for it so Kerry can still drive in the snow...