The continuing saga

posted Mar 10, 2013, 6:15 PM by Scoob Edoo
Eric Nelson rebuilt Kieran's motor and sent it back.  I was home the day it was supposed to be delivered only to have the status change to 'damaged' while it was on the truck on the way to be delivered.  Once I saw that I called FedEx to see what the problem was when they told me that a minute earlier it was placed back in the system to be returned to Eric.  They couldn't or wouldn't change it back for me to see the damage and it began the long journey back to Cali.  I talked with Eric and he sent one of his own race motors so Kieran could have something to autox at the first ETR event.  That was especially generous of him and it did indeed arrive here the same day that Kieran's arrived back with him.  A few minor things were broken by the box obviously falling in the truck and leaking the little oil it had in it from the break-in.

Eric's motor was fresh from Terry Nash (Hyper Racing) so Kieran got to race another Nash motor today.  I only tweaked the air/fuel mix and he had a great day running 6 runs and finishing 37th in 66.  4-strokes do have a distinct advantage over the 2-strokes.  No worries about overheating the clutch running 6 straight runs and no external starter to lug around.

My kart had only one minor problem - again with the ignition wire - on my 1st run.  Other than that my only self-inflicted issue was running out of fuel with barely 4 runs in.  I burned through fuel faster than I ever remember, but at least it's not running lean!

I bought a 5x8 heavy duty open trailer to make traveling to local events easier and we used it for the first time today.  So much easier than the huge toy hauler.  And we'll be taking it to Dixie next weekend.  Much better fuel mileage, too!

Now we wait to see if Kieran's motor gets back in time to come with us on the trip Friday morning.