Success! (for me, at least)

posted May 25, 2009, 3:53 AM by Scoob Edoo
I finally got the kart rolling for yesterday's event at Citizen's Bank Park (Philly event #2).  When I say I, i mean of course everyone who helped me get the motor fired up in the AM (Ted, the Afflerbach brothers, Pete) and everyone who push-started me throughout the day (Yun, Pete, George, George, and a few others).  It was a team effort and a few of us were exhausted before 10 am.

When we eventually got it fired, we experienced the same run-away behavior that the TM motor experienced last month, but it was steadier (not constantly rising) and Brian A quickly diagnosed that the spark-plug had come loose and was allowing more air into the cylinder.  So I grabbed the plug wire and yanked it off.  I played with the idle adjustment some and decided that too much air was possibly the answer again (like at the TnT when the TM wasn't firing).  I found a use for the balaclava I have to cover up a few of the air inlets on the airbox.  That seemed to work pretty well.  When we got it started again, the idle was smooth and steady and never ran away like before.  In fact the rest of the day it ran pretty well.  I still need to adjust the idle to keep it at around 2000 rpm, but wasn't so concerned about that as I was happy with getting the thing actually running!

So I took my first run in the kart and it was sooooo nice to drive a kart that fits me, with the clutch easily within my reach - and pedals, too, for that matter.  I have no rib problems since I could sit in the seat sluggly and I experienced no problems other than stalling it on the start line (twice).  Lesson learned: approach the start completely straight ahead; if the front and rear aren't aligned correctly it's much more difficult to launch at 8000 rpm.  I must also learn that revving for the launch is necessary and desirable, so rev away...

So my runs came and went without any more drama than hitting a few (or more) cones and the muffler coming off the exhaust at the very end of my third run, scaring the bejesus out of me.  Fun stuff, but again exhausting.

Kieran's day didn't go as well.  He had no throttle response and was running VERY rich.  We pulled him after his third run and he was sad.  Later Pete and I took the carb off and disassembled it to find out what was wrong.  Turns out that his fuel screen was jammed full of dirt and his needle was gummed up.  When we were working on it, the jet fell out, so the jet was completely loose, too.  All of that vibration and junk in the fuel tank conspired against us.  It's all cleaned now and should be ready for next weekend's Holbert 2-day event.

I need to change the master cylinder seals on my kart and check the oil level.  Otherwise it seems like everything is working and in good shape.  Yay!