Strange weekend

posted Jul 11, 2011, 12:25 PM by Scoob Edoo
So we went to pick up the trailer on Saturday so I could load up everything, put my repacked silencer on, etc, only to find that Trailerama was still closed for the 4th holiday... Oops.  My kart, Kieran's autocross kart, all the fuels, Killeen's and my suits, and most of the spare parts were locked away.  We went home and I tried to figure out what to do for the kids.  I was thinking that Kieran's race kart would work and was planning on bringing it (and then Killeen would just be a spectator), but that didn't work either since the motor wouldn't stay running off choke.  I'm guessing there's an air leak on the intake side somewhere.

So instead, we loaded up the kid kart that they both can still drive.  We got jeans and a jacket for Killeen to wear and all the rest of the safety gear for the two of them were in the garage, so we were set.  Unfortunately my helmet and suit were with my kart, so I had no chance.

Sunday was hot, with a warm breeze blowing and no clouds all day.  And we had over 160 people come out to play.  I was busy doing worker chief stuff and Safety Steward duties, but pretty much everything went smoothly with those and the kids' runs.  Kieran ran the kart as hard as it would go on his first two runs, then Killeen ran it pretty hard herself.  In their 2nd session, I had to tweak the idle a little and it killed Kieran off the line so his times didn't improve.  Killeen just kept pushing, but couldn't catch Logan.  This was her first event since late April, I think, so she was a bit tentative and rusty.  But everyone had fun and Vicky beat Kieran.

Next up is the Philly DoubleCross.  And Trailerama is open, so there shouldn't be any logistical problems this time...