Strange weekend

posted Dec 14, 2009, 9:56 AM by Scoob Edoo   [ updated Dec 14, 2009, 6:55 PM ]
Mid-week it looked like I had a good line on a trailer in north Jersey.  Talked to the guy, got pics, arranged to meet on Sat evening.  I had plans to work on the MR2 engine with Rob in the morning, but before I left I checked my email.  Guy wrote that he had sold it to someone else on Friday.  I guess nobody's word means squat any more...

But went to Rob's and  there was a bare block waiting for the crank and new bearings (they had spun a rod bearing at the previous race).  So we got to work finding the necessary tools and parts scattered around the garage, then worked on the bottom end.  Everything was going so well, or was it?  When we began torquing the rods and mains into place, the crank got harder and harder to turn.  We were discouraged, but confident that everything was put together right.  We flipped it over and put the top end in place and torqued everything there.  No problems with the top, so we flipped it again and started untorquing and attempting to spin the crank.  We thought maybe the glue-like assembly glue was too cold, so Rob switched to Lithium grease to coat everything.  He got spraying and then we spun the crank "effortlessly" and started torquing again.  Again the same problem of the spinning getting more and more difficult.  That's when I noticed that some of the spray grease had a line on one of the counter weights - looked just like it was rubbing on something.  We sprayed the other counterweights and spun a little more, and now we could see that the counterweights were rubbing the oil squirters at the top of the bottom end.  ARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!  Now we'll need to do one of a few things: get the crank counterweights shaved a millimeter or so, or look at modifying the squirters to see if we can shave them down a little or use shorter ones for better clearance.  The joys of engine building.

Sunday I was supposed to do a karting enduro down in Delaware, but two things happened: I didn't want to leave the kids with Kerry all day (again) and I found a guy on Long Island (Joao DeCosta) who was selling a Haase Blizzard chassis with complete braking systems, seat, etc, for a very good price.  The chassis was a spare one that had only been raced a few times and it is in beautiful condition, with original (PINK!) paint.  I couldn't pass it up, so I took Kieran on a road trip to Long Island on Sunday morning to meet him and pick it all up.  The plan is to use that chassis next season, so I'll need to complete a few things on it and move the TM over to it (it's set up for a TM Moto since those came on them from the factory).  My Red body work will clash with the pink paint, but I'm not too concerned.  It is set up for a trick braking system on the rear (using two Brembo calipers from a Ducati 996) and newer ones on the front, too.  All new brakes lines, too, which is good news for me since I needed some for the current kart.  I think I have everything to completely set up both karts, with motors and everything, so I'm a happy guy!

Joao also told me that Mark V (Haase distributor at National Kart Supply) rebuilds just about any 2-stroke motor, so I'm hoping he'll be able to rebuild Kieran's race K80 for us.  Fingers crossed that we'll get someone to commit on that one in the near future.

STILL looking for a trailer...