Spring Nats prep

posted May 17, 2015, 6:12 PM by Scoob Edoo
My transmission case has been leaking since I rebuilt it and added new trans fluid, so I took some time this weekend to see if I had pinched the gasket when putting it all back together.  When I pulled the drain plug to drain the rest of the fluid, I found a huge piece of broken metal on the magnet of the plug.

This was distressing to me since the one end looks like it had a hole and broke off at the hole.  That means there could be another piece floating around in the gears somewhere.  However, despite looking at pictures of every part in the motor, I cannot identify this broken piece, which may mean that it was introduced to the transmission from outside, the best explanation would be that it was stuck to the magnet when the plug was put in the case this winter when I had it apart.  So this theory will be tested in Lincoln later this week when I run it at Spring Nats.

So I didn't figure out the reason for the case leaking, either, since that's a minor consideration versus the impending death of a transmission gearset, but it's likely a case of the gasket being old and dried out since I didn't replace it when I put the motor back together and I didn't refill the case until it has been sitting empty for a few months.  So hopefully a new gasket will take care of that.  Another theory to be tested later this week...

Otherwise the trailer is packed and ready to roll now.  I have an issue with getting race fuel since our Shell station shut down for a top to bottom renovation and I don't yet know if they'll put the race fuel tanks back in.  I can find out on Tuesday when they reopen.  Not a big deal for Lincoln since the motorcycle shop on O street has race fuel at their pump, but it would be nice to have that sourse back for other events.