Spring Nats 2014

posted Jun 2, 2014, 7:57 PM by Scoob Edoo   [ updated Jun 3, 2014, 8:16 PM ]
I drove out to Lincoln with the kids and dog right after school let out on Wednesday.  Stopped on the west-side of St. Louis for the night and drove the rest on Thursday morning, arriving onsite around 2 pm.  The weather was beautiful, so we focused on getting the karts ready for the practice course.  The girls and dog were bored, but we focused on getting the tuning and chassis right.  I registered both of us for both events and volunteered to be the Youth Steward for the weekend while I was at the trailer. We took all afternoon onsite and squeezed our runs in between the Evo guys and the regular practice folks.  Kieran wasn't real happy with the performance, but it was his first time in the kart in 2 months, so that was to be expected.  We could at least hope a little seat time would reignite his flame.  I was OK with the performance of my kart, so we got tech'd for the weekend and repacked everything in preparation for the overnight rain.

The Pro started with the kids running in first heat and the weather was perfect!  It quickly became obvious that Kieran is rusty as Yohan was beating him handily on both courses.  I think the deficit was over 2 sec at the end of the day.  We played with gearing, but he couldn't get closer in the afternoon either.  Meanwhile I and Mike Kline were the only karts for the Pro, so we ran in Bump class where we were handily smacked down by Mark Madarash and others.  Saturday morning was wet so the kids ran their rains and had fun, but didn't go any faster.  Good experience for them all, though.  I decided to go ahead and run the damp course on my MG Greens and had a blast!  Very few people actually ran St morning, so it was a quick morning for us.

The next morning called for rain and National had the kids and KM running together in 3rd heat.  I had mistakenly brought only 6 rain tires so Kieran would have to use my fronts for his rears, but it meant that we wouldn't be able to both run in the wet.  I talked to the other parents and proposed to Sandy that we move the kids to 2nd heat.  I will bring this up again with Howard, et al, about NOT running the kids with KM to avoid these situations in the future (exactly as I had done last August after they tried it in Wilmington).  I also figured out why I didn't have all of my rain tires - a full set is on the old Haase chassis in the other trailer.  Must rectify that before Toledo.

True to the forecast, Sunday morning was wet and the kids had to run rain tires in 2nd heat.  There was quite a bit of conversation regarding whether or not I had to call this a "rain event" as can be done for Pros.  The two most senior people I spoke to (Howard and Paul Brown, the Operating Steward) said there was no such rule for Tours and anyone could run any tire they wanted.  The parents, on the other hand, pointed out that because the kids have a spec tire, there needs to be a call by the Youth Steward.  The rulebook backs this up but I still want to get a clarification to communicate to Youth Stewards.

Anyway, the kids had to run rains except for the one kid who didn't have a set because his parents never bought a second set, so one had them and the other didn't.  Kieran did not have a great day, going off course on his first two runs in different places.  He pulled it together for his last run, but again was second to another kid by 2.6 sec.  Monday wasn't much better weatherwise, with a wet surface causing everyone to start on rains, but drying throughout the heat.  We kept Kieran on rains for the first two runs while others gambled.  Kieran was faster on the rains, but the course was too dry on the second run for them to do their thing, so everyone was on dry tires for the last runs.  Kieran came up short again, finishing 3.8 sec back.

My tour wasn't too bad, with me hanging with Mike and Jared on day one.  We had dry courses for both days, so that wasn't an issue.  Monday I just couldn't get a handle on the course and was 2 sec off the pace.  Watching the video from Monday looks like I'm just slow for some reason.  I finished 4th of 4 drivers, ceding my third place to Shawn.  Very disappointing.