Spring Nats

posted Jun 14, 2015, 7:16 PM by Scoob Edoo
Weather was good for the most part this year so that was a plus.  Lefty and Jackson came for the Pro only and I finally met Tom Harrington who came for both events.  We picked up a few Minnesota lads in their first National event for the Tour.  Since this was out first event of the year, we were both pretty rusty.  I took a few practice runs on Thursday, but Kieran decided, against my advice, to skip the practice course.  He paid for that since he had no seat time with the new weight and he couldn't get a handle on it all weekend.  He was slower than the fast JB kids...

I did learn something valuable - always check my jetting since I labored for a majority of the weekend under the mistaken impression that I had a 170 jet in the carb when in fact I had a 175 in there from last year's Adesa event.  So I ran far too rich all weekend until our runs on Monday when I was changing to go leaner and found the mistake.  Opportunity lost since I was rather poor in both events - but had a great time with everyone.