Southern Discomfort 2015

posted May 17, 2015, 5:54 PM by Scoob Edoo
Headed down to Carolina Motorsports Park for the spring race with the KnoxVegas LowBallers again and had a blast.  The weather was perfect all weekend and while I didn't sleep very well either night - it got colder than I was expecting the first night and I was freezing! - I managed to get enough rest to make it through the race and still drive home without dying.  Always a plus.

I had to work on Friday morning so I didn't get down to the track until after they'd gone through Tech and BS, but the judges were impressed enough, again, to give us and the Metro Class B with no laps and the Racevan got Class C with no laps.  The consistent theming across the three cars helped a lot and we had people stopping by all weekend taking pics and asking questions about the drivetrains, etc.

Start of the race on Saturday went well and all three cars seemed to be pretty good mechanically.  The Metro and Contour continued to chug away all day with few problems and no paddock time during the race.  However, not all was right in the Contour world as the clutch was slipping and continuing to get worse throughout the day.  By the time I was in (4th driver) it was slipping most of the time coming out of any corner and even on straights.  I was able to manage it and still kept putting in laps around 2:02-2:05, but there wasn't any more to be had.  We decided to swap the clutch overnight to stay in contention with the Metro for the class B win.  We finished the day 1 and 2.  The racevan had several small problems that kept it coming back in, usually on the flatbed.  But everyone got to drive it and it continued putting in laps when it was healthy enough.

The clutch swap was, er, involved.  Very fortunately for us, LeAnn's husband, David, came to the race and brought his complete set of tools.  We utilized over half of those tools Saturday night as we took about 7 hours to pull the motor, pull the transmission, swap in the new clutch, and put it all back together.  He was a master at his craft and it was fortunate that we had both his expertise and his tools.  It would have been a much longer night without him there.

As I had the most amount of sleep of anyone - or by virtue of actually being awake and fed early on Sunday morning - I was given the 2 hour stint first thing.  That was possibly the most fun I've had racing as I had to nurse the car the last 20 min with fuel starvation in several corners.  But up until that point I was running consistently in the low 2:02-2:05 range and putting distance on our competitors in 3rd and 4th places.  The Metro was faster and just as reliable and we were about 6 laps back on them at the beginning of the day, so no chance at 1st with them in the running.  By the end of the stint I was on fumes and had to bump-start it as we were entering the pits at the end of the session.  So it will go 2 hours at a very good pace, but you need to baby it at the end.

The rest of Sunday went without any hitches on both the Metro and the Contour and we ended up finishing 1-2, with 7 or 8 laps between us.  I think the Metro had the 2nd fastest lap of the race with Seanan driving.  They now go to Class A and hopefully we get to stay in B so we can win a race in the fall.

Late in the day on Sunday I took a 45 min stint in the Racevan and it was seriously terrifying.  The thing is so heavy with the two motors and the high center of gravity that taking turns at speed requires a certain amount of cajones that I didn't have since it's not mine.  But that front left tire had to be toast by the time I was in and it felt like I was driving a cheese grater on all of the right turns.  Only the front motor was functioning, so I didn't get to experience the full, terrifying, power of both motors, but it was enough fo rme to know better than to try that again.  Now to figure out a way into the Metro's driver seat...