Some progress

posted Feb 28, 2011, 5:52 AM by Scoob Edoo
We had a relatively productive day on Sunday, trading two of the K80s to Pete for their 28 mm full size chassis for Kieran this year.  After that I worked on my kart, mounting the fuel pumps and fuel lines then mounted my new seat, radiator hoses, and CDI.  I even got the pumps primed and started the motor with no problem.  Now if only I had brakes lines for the rear brake I could actually think about driving it.  I also need to swap out my bodywork, but I'm waiting on my numbers from Little Mike, so that may happen later.  Must get the brake lines worked out this week.

Next is time to focus on getting the new chassis set up for Kieran.  This chassis is the big brother to his cadet chassis (Top Kart) and the key difference for set up purposes is that this one has an adjustable seat stay!  Why all chassis manufacturers don't use this is beyond me, but I am grateful that this one does since mounting the seat will be significantly easier.  I will also need to transfer the pedal box and pedals from the cadet so he has a fighting chance of fitting in this chassis.  Top priority for this chassis, though, is mounting the race KT100 and getting it broken in over the next few weeks so it will be ready for our first event on 20 March!

On Saturday we had the Hypermoto meeting and all of the kids got weighed.  Kieran chimed in at a whopping 53 lbs!  The most he's ever weighed, but significantly below the average for the Advanced class.  We'll be mounting 30-40 lbs of lead depending on whatever formula Jack and I agree on for the Advanced class minimum weight.  We also picked up his new motor from Jack, so that is ready to be mounted.  First practice is scheduled for 26 March, but I will be instructing a Street Survival class that day so if we go it will be late.