posted Jul 1, 2010, 6:29 PM by Scoob Edoo
Had some time to look at my motor tonight.  I pulled the carb and the reed cage.  Reeds looked good so I swapped in the Keihin carb and started it up.  It seemed to run strong with no stuttering on the stand at all.  I cannot replicate the side-to-side of autox, so I'm just going on the assumption that it's fixed now.  Ignition and/or grounding is the only other option.

Pete sent me a pic of the Master Cylinder he has from Vicky's new kart.  I need to see if it's a match to either of the ones I have on the kart now to see if it will work.  My other main option is to swap in my old master cylinders from the old chassis.  I know one of them needs rebuilding, but it would probably be better in the short-term than what I've got now.

And we also learned that we managed to lose a 10 lb brick of lead somehow at the Warminster event.  So I've asked Sal to melt some more cupcakes for us so Kieran and I can both make weight next week.