Season is almost here!

posted Mar 4, 2009, 3:48 PM by Scoob Edoo
So we have a few more Winter Series events this month.  Crunch time is upon me.  Weather still hasn't warmed significantly, although we've had a few 60 degree days interspered amongst the freezing temps.  We even got 8-9 inches of snow this weekend after having a 65 degree day two days earlier.  I need warm temps for a few days so I can play with the brakes on my kart - they're leaking at the seals when I tried to bleed the brakes in the cold garage.  So I have that to worry about - and I still haven't found a MyChron for the kart, either...  I'd like to have everything worked out on my kart for the last Winter Series event on 22 March.  Ideally I'd like to hit the NJMP or Etown kart track for a day to shake it down (and prepare my old body for the shock of no suspension!).

Kieran's kart is almost ready to go.  I mounted the seat last weekend before the weather turned.  When I sat him in there with the repositioned pedals, I realized that I will need pedal risers for him - the steering tie rods are very much ini his way.  So eBay got more of my money for those.

Got the tire bead breaker, his new wheels, and the extra tires this week.  Still need to buy a nasal fairing for his kart.  Strange guy across the river (seller on eBay) puts stuff up for sale, then leaves town for weeks at a time.  And he doesn't respond to messages about his products.  He has the thing that I need though, so I'm still trying him.

Mounted my first tire on the new wheels.  That's as fun as it looks on youtube.  Haven't dismounted any with the bead breaker, yet, but I'll probably play with that a little this weekend (weather is supposed to be spring-like again).

I worked on the trailer a lot last week and it's already ready to haul my kart as is now.  I figured an easy way to get his kart on the front, sitting sideways.  It goes onto the tongue about 18 inches, but there's still plenty of room for the car to not hit it.  It's an open design, so I bought some kart covers to keep them covered during transport.  Thanks eBay (again).  Need to finalize everything on the trailer and get it registered next week probably.  I still haven't tackled the wiring job on the Lexus, yet, so I suppose that will have to get done soon, too.

I also managed to free up some time (and avoid some consternation and confrontation with wifey-poo) by deciding not to run the ProSolo series this year.  And because the way the school calendar is running next fall, I'll probably not go out to Nebraska for the Solo Nats, either...  I was hoping to bring Kieran out to watch it all (and visit with Grandma) but they start school before Labor Day next year.  This is not unusual in most places in the US, but for NJ/PA it's unheard of.  Lots of PO'd people since many vacations are scheduled a year in advance and folks around here take their late-summer vacations very seriously.  For me it means that I (probably) won't be able to swing it, and Kieran definitely wouldn't be able to.