Problem solved

posted Mar 15, 2012, 9:48 AM by Scoob Edoo
I had trouble getting the new ignition to spark, so I enlisted the help of my karting Facebook friends.  After several hours of back and forth, Steve Lower finally said something that triggered me into action: I had misunderstood the wiring from the CDI to the coil.  The CDI has two bundled wire packs, each with two wires.  I knew that in the end I would connect two wires (live and ground) and that the remaining two would be for the (non-existent) kill switch.  I had wired the green ground wire from one bundle to the engine block, leaving the other wire just sitting.  Then I wired what I thought was the live wire to the coil, leaving the other wire hanging.  I did this because the previous CDI had this sort of set-up, with the green ground wire connected to the engine block.  Unfortunately, the real stock ignition is not set-up like this.  Instead, they package the two bundles separately; one bundle for live and ground and the other bundle for the kill switch.  Once I swapped those to their correct location I had beautiful spark!  Unfortunately by that time it was too late to start the motor, so I have to wait until tonight to see how she runs.  I'm hopeful it will all be fine.  Finally.