Philly DoubleCross

posted Jul 17, 2011, 6:04 PM by Scoob Edoo
Today I learned just how much fuel my kart is using.  A lot, to be succinct.  Eight 35 sec runs ate about 1 gallon!  Yikes.  But the good news is that the Blendzall, when added in an appropriate mix rate, works well and does not smoke very much.  And my newly repacked silencer didn't burn up, but it wasn't very silent, either...

Anyway, I did pretty well throughout the day.  We only had 37 drivers, about 5 too many for a nice clean structure.  So we ended up with far too much wasted time and confusion during the challenge stage and the whole day took about 3 hours longer than it should have.  Regardless, it was a fun day and I was feeling good with the courses, even though I didn't like the extreme off-camber 120 degree turn back up the hill on the far right side.  But I motored through the early rounds with no problems, then Rob dropped a little sand out of the Solstice and beat me for my first loss.  But I was the top seed in the Loser's bracket and had to wait for some other folks to knock each other out and I eventually came up against JR again.  I had beaten him earlier on a pretty bad run, so I felt good about the pairing.  We went to the line and JR had about a 3 sec head start - but I was expecting a shorter time so I was revving hard waiting for the green light.  Unfortunately, I did it too long and hard thought I stuck the piston because it just stopped when I went to launch on the green.  I got it back to the grid and loaded it up on the Kart Raiser and tried to hand-spin the rear times.  Fortunately, it spun relatively easily, so the piston is not stuck.  But I do have to open the head and see if the cylinder wall is scored.

And because the day took so long, Kieran never got to run the course.  He sat around playing games and watching the event for 11 hours and never even got his kart off the stand.  He was disappointed, but he knew that I tried to get him out there and he could see how busy it really was all day, so he accepted it and moved on.  We'll have a better weekend next week at the Rolex event at NJMP.