Philly #8

posted Aug 31, 2009, 10:50 AM by Scoob Edoo
It was a perfect day for an autocross (or racing or swimming or walking or biking, really).  The course was set up as a tune-up for those going out to Nationals this week and it showed - about 1/3 of the competitors were heading out to run.  The course was fast and challenging - and cone-intensive for those folks who couldn't string together multiple (fast) elements.  Since my kart was out of commission, I accepted a co-drive offer from Rich Dunbar in his ES Miata.  Rich had some newer Kumho tires and apparently got some work done on the motor.  The car drove very well for 90-100 hamsters under the hood - and those tires stuck like glue - too well, I think for some of the elements, but overall very neutral and very composed.  I led ES most of the heat until Rich cleaned up a few runs and he pulled ahead on his last run.  Jeff Craven pipped us both on the last run of the heat to take the win, but it was great fun for all involved.

Kieran and Vicky had their 4th or 5th epic battle during their runs.  Kieran pushed harder and harder on each run and improved each time.  Vicky had a motor problem on her first run, but it got sorted out and she started laying down some faster times.  By their 4th runs they were trading top spot each run.  It continued through their 5th (and final) runs when Vicky came in with a much-improved low-76 only to have Kieran come in right behind her with a 75.9 to finish their day.  They were both very happy with their performances and congratulated each other on another good battle.  I said and heard other people say that it's really incredible to think that the chinese clone kart is really so competitive with the established Comer C50-powered kid kart in its first season.  Every event proves that they are very similar time-wise, even though the karts themselves are night and day.  Hopefully the SCCA will allow these into the FJC class permanently to allow more folks to readily join the FJC ranks.