Philly #3

posted May 15, 2011, 6:19 PM by Scoob Edoo
What an ugly day.  Overnight rain, morning mist, and a heavy fog at Warminster - couldn't even see half-way down the course until about 10:15 when it magically lifted.  But it remained overcast until the very end of the event.

I ran first and decided that rain tires were the way to go since the surface was soaked and no chance of the sun coming out to dry the line.  But my motor was stuttering very badly - something I attributed to jetting since it was so HUMID, but it turned out that my ground wire had shaken itself loose (AGAIN!!!) and that eventually caused the motor to peter out altogether.  Thanks to Pete I got a replacement wire hooked up and it started up immediately.  I still had to swap tires since the course was completely dry by this point, so I did that and then took a few runs in the 2nd Heat to make sure it was OK.  The first run was great - like top 20 PAX great.  But I had a stuttering issue midway through the second run again, so I'll need to investigate that on Friday either before I leave for the NJ Pro or up there.

Kieran's kart had the usual problems - fuel line had come off the carb (AGAIN!!!) and I had to re-wire it on.  It started right up, but the tuning was all wrong.  I went back to the base settings (2 1/4 Low and about 1/8-1/4 High) and tried to tune from there.  I got the low OK but the high was wrong even after tweaking a few times.  Couldn't get it to get on the high side for far too long off the line.  So I need to query some folks on this subject this week to see if we can get him to launch better at the Pro.
Kieran ran in the dry between first and second heats and had no problems.  He dropped 2.5 seconds on his last (4th) run to drop a 60.0.  If I could have gotten his carb tuned right, that would have easily dropped him 3 or 4 seconds, but it is what it is.  The good news was that once he got on the high side he could keep it there and he flew through the rest of the course.

So a partially successful day and again nothing broke, so a pretty good day.  And we were home so early that I was able to work on the kart raiser, finally eradicating the problem with the winch cable slipping through the hook and rendering it useless.  And I still had time and was able to dismount old and mount 6 new tires for next weekend, so there's little for me to do on Friday to get ready for the long weekend.