Philly #13

posted Nov 7, 2010, 5:42 PM by Scoob Edoo
Well, the weather has definitely changed and it's almost too cold to run karts now - but we gave it a shot anyway.  This last autox event of the season was held at Delaware Park again, but the temperature was about 20 degrees colder than the last event.  Cloudy, windy, and maybe 50 degrees didn't do much for our tires...

F125 ran first and it was maybe 40-43 degrees for us.  And dusty.  Chris's hip was really hurting today and he only made 3 runs and was in sheer agony, so he gave it up and went to his old door-slammer that Justin had brought.  But those first few runs kept a little tiny bit of heat in the tires between the two of us.  Good thing, too, since Chase started running away from the rest of us early.  I tried to keep up, but the kid is just too good.  I got 2nd by staying clean, but Chase won by 0.9 sec on a 27 sec course!

When it was time for the kids, Kieran lead 4 FJCs on their parade lap, then his clutch spring broke and we had to ditch that kart for the race kart.  Killeen had quite a fight on her hands today with Logan and Marcus putting up some great numbers.  Marcus ended up dropping 5 seconds on his last run and smacked everyone hard.  And we had no idea he'd done it until we did trophies!  In fact, we thought Ella had won, but it turned out that her fast run was a DNF for her apparently going off course.  We'll have to see how the season points work out to see if Killeen beat Logan for the year.

Meanwhile, Kieran's race kart was OK and for the 2nd session, I switched the cadet tires onto the clone so we could get some time on them and see how his times compared to the first session when he had the wide rears and the Chinese tires on the front.  But since the K80 died, we didn't get any data for the KAC, so I will just write up the data I got from the last event and send that off hopefully this week.

So thus endeth another successful autox season.  I had a lot of fun.  Kieran had a lot of fun.  Killeen was very happy and apparently had a lot of fun.  I think she may even want to try some racing with Kieran next year.  So that could be interesting.

Next up: Kieran's last Hypermoto race next Sunday.