Philly #12

posted Oct 27, 2010, 7:02 PM by Scoob Edoo
We had beautiful weather leading up to this one, so I took some time to do a little work on my kart - mainly raising the rear ride-height.  I bought a new seat, but didn't have time to get it installed.  I also bought some mounts for the fuel pump and coil, so I can get those moved from the seat to the motor.  To prepare for the event, I pounded out a sheet of lead to put over the hole in the seat.  I can honestly say I never even noticed it, but Chris said he felt it on his hurting leg.

Event day gave us perfect conditions at Delaware Park and the turnout was much larger than pre-reg suggested.  Several folks from DC came up and he had 12 karters!  We had more than enough for 3 heats, but the course was short enough to get 5 runs.  For karts, the course was amazing - fast and challenging.  This lot gets little traffic and during the major rains it was flooded, so there was silt everywhere.  Luckily F125 ran in the 3rd heat, so the line was pretty clean.  Kids ran their usual between 1st/2nd and 2nd/3rd but they weren't much affected by the silt.  Kieran had a great morning on the cadet/K80 and actually ran faster than FJA.  Killeen ran pretty well, too, and even had a spin, so she was excited.

My first run I cooked one of the braking points and went off-course.  2nd run was pretty good and clean.  Third run was incredible, except for some brake lock-up, but was still good enough to break into the 26 sec times.  My fourth run was even faster, but I clipped a cone in the lane changes, but saved myself by slowing for a downed cone that Chase had hit right in front of me.  Even slowing for that cone and coasting for a significant distance, I finished strong and clocked a 27.93.  Ooo, I wish I hadn't slowed for that cone - I think that was a low-26s run.  I didn't improve on my last two runs, but I was crazy fast and the kart felt great, the motor was strong, and both Chris and I got all of our runs without any problems.

So we finished everything very early, so free fun runs were on tap.  We had spoken to Steven and JR about getting the kids some fun runs and they agreed to let them run between the end of competition runs and the start of car fun runs.  It turned out to be about 30 min, so Kieran and Vicky ran all they could - about 15-18 runs each!  And because I had just set up the trailer with all 4 karts, we had his clone kart and we got him in that for all of his fun runs.  I recorded all of his times so I could submit everything to the KAC for consideration of the clone motor.  We may have another opportunity to do this again in a few weeks at the last Philly event, also at Delaware Park.  I'm looking for ideas about what else to change on the clone kart to get data on slightly different set up to see how those changes affect the times.