Philly #10

posted Oct 6, 2010, 6:18 AM by Scoob Edoo
An interesting event, to be sure.  We had several folks come up from DC to play, so we had about 9-10 kart drivers!  It was a fast course for us and everyone had a lot of fun.  I had made the switch back to the Stock ignition and removed the extra lead from my kart, so it felt a lot better.  Jetting seemed to be great for the conditions (cool and humid, with rain later).  I hadn't tuned the K80 for these conditions, so it ran poorly in the kids' first session, but I got it right for the afternoon - only to have the rain come and spoil Kieran's runs (he spun a few times, but kept it running and he had fun).  Killeen ran flawlessly in the PM after I pointed to where she had gone off-course in the AM runs.  And she continued to go faster each run.  She loves it and was getting competitive with Logan.

Speaking of the other kids, this was the first event where both of our kid's karts worked well and ALL of the other kids had motor troubles of some sort.  In fact, Vicky, Marcus, and Logan all had their pull-strings break before the runs began.  Pete was able to fix Vicky's and Rob was able to fix Marcus's, but Adam fixed Logan's only to have it break again on the next pull.  So Logan ran Killeen's kart.  And again the kids ran during the worker change-overs and they beat the workers, so it looks like we have a good system for running the kids.

Chris and I had a weird day, with the brakes pulling to the left when we jumped on it.  After a few runs, I saw that the front right tire was going flat!  In Lincoln, I apparently forgot (or someone ran off with) my air tank and gauge, so I didn't get to check the air pressures before we ran.  Since the kart was running low, the seat started scraping, too.  Once we got the tire bad up to pressure, the kart felt much better and we ran faster, too.  But still not close to most of the DC guys...

After the event, the rain stopped and all of the karts took the opportunity to do some testing related to the engine/ignition packages and weight.  For about an hour we ran a 130' straight, timed using the DC Region timing gear.  Mike Kline and Justin Neal were used as the controls in each kart and each combination was weighed to see if weight had any measurable effect on the observed times.  Mainly what I learned was that I hold 1st gear too long.  And with the extra weight and runs with my low rear end, the seat developed a hole, so I have to replace it with a new Mogo I got this week.  It was a fun, long day and I really like hanging out with the DC guys - a great bunch.  Next season I think we will need to build in some trips to DC events so Kieran and I can have some serious competition on a regular basis.