posted Oct 1, 2009, 6:20 AM by Scoob Edoo
Talked to Tom the motor guy about the motors.  Looks like the Suzuki is almost a complete write-off.  The bearing spun so the crank needs to be replaced and all of the connecting stuff, too.  The cylinder is also toast, so I'd be looking at several hundred dollars to make it all OK.  The TM seems to be better, only needing a new piston, so I've been tracking one down to replace it.  I talked to Jeremy at Action Karting in North Jersey who supplied the one that is currently in there.  He will have a shipment in within the next week so I will probably pick up the kit (all the clips, bearing, piston, and ring) and take to Tom to get it all done.  Might have it by the end of the month.  Will be nice to actually drive that beast, finally.

This weekend is Street Survival at Boeing.  The class is full with 30-31 kids and we have around 20 instructors so far.  Should be a busy day!