One kart fixed, one to go

posted Apr 23, 2009, 6:26 PM by Scoob Edoo
Opened up the kid kart and found that the clutch bearing was indeed the problem, not the clutch itself.  So I replaced the bearing and the race and everything is OK on Kieran's kart.

I received most of my parts today for my kart - although I screwed up and order two Lefthand shift-rod ends instead of one LH and one RH.  Hopefully the RH will magically appear tomorrow, but I may have to scavenge one from the other shift-rod or find something else at Home Depot to make it work.  I also got the chain breaker and the master links, so I can get the chain to the correct length.  And I got the single radiator hose hook-up so I think all the pieces are here.

I did order a new set of front brakes to fit my set up.  They were not cheap, but they are brand new and will fit, hopefully without modification to anything.  So the next big ticket item will be to tear down all of the calipers to see if I can get them all to hold their seals.  I only need them to hold for one event, until I get the new ones installed.