Old chassis/kart ready, etc.

posted Jan 8, 2011, 6:03 PM by Scoob Edoo
I spent some time this week getting the kart ready and I'm two tiny parts away from having it completely ready to sell.  I misplaced one of the motor mount bolts, and of course it's a size that I cannot find locally.  And I need a throttle guide for the clutch cable on the motor itself.  I mounted the seat, the motor, the steering wheel, and radiator hoses, so hopefully I can get it sold in the next week or two so I'll have room to work on the other karts.

I also got to take the kid kart to the trailer so get it out of the way.  And tomorrow I'm scheduled to get my new exhaust installed on the truck, so that frees up some more space in the garage.  I have a few more things to take to the trailer, too, to get enough room in the garage to be able to work on two karts at a time.

I've put out feelers to a few motor builders about an "Advanced" motor for the Hypermoto series, so it looks like I'll be getting one built in the next month.