Now that was a racing weekend!

posted Jun 14, 2010, 6:42 PM by Scoob Edoo
Wow, F1, Le Mans, Continental Tire series, and a Philly autox all in 2 days.  And I worked on Kieran's autox kart and my new chassis for several days, too.

Anyway, it was a mostly successful autox, with Kieran's cadet working pretty well overall.  There's still a problem on the low side on the Comer K80, but I hope to get that figured out this week before (or at) the DC Pro.  Once he got used to how the motor runs, he was smoking fast on a great challenging course at Citizen's Bank Park.  Really fun to watch.

Killeen also ran this week and after a few runs of the half course, she wanted to run the full course and so her last two runs she did.  She went off on her 4th run, but her 5th (final) run she pushed harder and went faster - and got loose a few times, including a near spin just before the finish - and she stayed on course and had a blast reading the course and learning.  I was very proud.

Meanwhile, my kart seems to have a problem.  I think it's probably just something in the carb but it was running like crap when turning and just after a transition.  In a straight line it was great, but any side to side movement caused it to stumble much like fuel starvation.  It happened with both me and Chris, so it wasn't just something he or I was doing.  I'll be switching everything over to the new chassis this week and I'll rebuild the carb to see if that is the problem.  I hope it's that easy...