Now THAT is a weekend!

posted Jun 10, 2012, 6:54 PM by Scoob Edoo
Wow, the whole week was pretty great.  Kieran's 10th birthday, Kieran's roller hockey playoffs, and a Philly event.

We celebrated his birthday at the roller rink again and it was a beautiful day outside so the rink was empty except for two birthday parties, so he was in heaven with family and friends and a whole rink to skate forward and backward without anyone yelling at him or running into him.

Roller hockey started out pretty badly for his team, going 0-6.  But then they started working together as a team, but it was still pretty tough.  They went into the playoffs as the 4th seed (out of 4) and beat the 3 seed to make it to the championship game against the 1 seed.  So the championship game comes and every team member showed up for the first time of the season.  They all played very well and Kieran almost got a goal, but shot wide.  He did have a perfect assist later in the 1st period and he skated better than he ever had.  There were some great goals scored and they WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!  It was surreal and everyone contributed, so it was truly a team effort.  Great to see at this level.

Next up was the Philly event at Citizen's Bank Park and it was a perfectly hot sunny day.  The karts seemed to be in great shape, so it was just some re-gearing and tire changes to take care of.  I did not tweak any carb settings from the sprint race several weeks ago and it really hurt his on his morning runs.  I thought it was a carb tuning issue so I tried to tweak them before his second run, but I made things worse.  He was not a happy camper.

I ran second heat, between his run groups, and I had time to run back over to the trailer to tweak things.  By this time I realized that the clutch was coming up way too late - like 8500 rpm.  so I played with that and got it down to about 6500.  HUGE difference!  With a tweak to the carb settings to open up the high side.  BAM!  He dropped 5 sec in the afternoon runs to win by 4 sec!  He finished 28th in PAX out of 171 drivers, his highest finish ever.  And he smoked me in the process.  Congrats to little man - and to me for getting some correct tuning on my side!