Not exactly to plan

posted May 23, 2010, 6:06 PM by Scoob Edoo
This weekend was supposed to be about Kieran's first race and the practice before it.  We planned to go to NJMP on Saturday afternoon and let him run both of his karts, then spend the night and get to the track early on Sunday for his race.  The weather was iffy on Saturday with scheduled rain overnight with a good chance for rain on Sunday morning, too.  But we stuck to the plan and went down on Saturday afternoon and we never got any rain.  It turned out to be a great afternoon driving the race kart.  He was running 47 second laps if he was alone, but down in the 45s if he was chasing someone.  He learned a lot about catching oversteer, especially in turn 2 and the light bulb.  And we also learned about air pressure on these tires (which are pretty crappy).

After several sessions in the race kart, I decided to try to get the cadet running.  It didn't take much - the starter decided to work on Saturday - without me having to do anything to it... We got it running and Kieran took it out for a few laps, but he couldn't keep it on the high needle because the throttle return spring was much too stiff.  He ended up stalling it and I got him restarted, but he stalled it again and we pushed him back to to look for a new spring.  While I was working on that, he went back out again in the race kart and turned some more fast laps.  I acquired a MUCH better throttle return spring for the cadet, but Kieran was reluctant to go back out in either kart by that time - his head was hurting for being jostled around on the track for 4 hours.  He tried once more in the cadet, but his head was hurting too badly and we called it a day. 

Coach Jack had decided at the track that we would postpone the Sunday race until next Saturday, so we took off for home around 7:30.  When we got home I remembered now I could help out with the Street Survival School @ Warminster on Sunday.  So that's what I did very early and all day long.  We taught 21 students to be better prepared out in the real world.

So better luck next week.  The good news is that we'll get to see our friend AJ who will be instructing at Lightning on Saturday.  And he'll be able to watch Kieran's race.  Win-win!