Motor updates

posted Aug 1, 2010, 11:17 AM by Scoob Edoo
I brought the karts home yesterday to do some investigating on the K80 and to swap on the mod Honda on my kart.

K80: I thought maybe that one of the clutch springs had broken and that's why the motor was cutting out, but when I opened it up, everything looked good.  I guess maybe it was just the air filter change that had caused the problem after all.  I remounted the motor to his kart, but only temporarily.  Still hoping one of the KT100s will be here to swap on for a break-in session on 14/15 August at NJMP.

Mod Honda: Unmounted the Suzuki and made the swap to the Honda on mine.  Suzuki came off all in one piece, so I will probably take it to Lincoln as is when we go, just in case.  Haven't heard anything back from Chris on the old chassis/Suzuki, so I'll plan on keeping it until after Lincoln.

Anyway, everything went together pretty straightforward, but I did have to swap the main gear from the 16T to the 14T, so that presented its own set of challenges.  I'll also need to pay attention to the axle sprocket since I need to swap on a different size to stay close in gearing.  The pump-around mounted in the same spot as the old single pump and the CDI box went where the other one way, too.  The shift lever mounted up nicely without requiring any change, but then I got to the motor mount.  Tyler forgot to include the bolts necessary to actually mount the thing.  I had no bolts to substitute and neither did Home Depot.  So I strapped it to the chassis with a rope and took the trailer back to storage until I can get the bolts.  I ordered from McMaster-Carr so I'll probably have on Tuesday.  Then I'll finally be able to start it up.  And I'll need to find some additional weight, too, to get to 405 since I'll probably stick with the PI in Lincoln .