More trailer stuff

posted Dec 27, 2010, 6:17 AM by Scoob Edoo
We successfully acquired the trailer before Christmas and inserted it into Winter storage at the same time.  The Hensley Arrow hitch showed up at the house on Christmas Eve, along with Grandma and Poppa.  And I listed the current (little) trailer on craigslist and have several folks looking to buy it.  So overall it's been a BUSY week.  I hope to get that trailer sold in the next few days, after the snow from yesterday's storm gets cleared.  Tow mirrors for the truck are also on their way.  Still need to buy a RAS and get the exhaust installed and we'll be ready to haul in the Spring.

I also found some time to work on the old chassis, getting it closer to complete for sale.  I had to order a few more goodies to get it completely finished, but I should be able to wrap that up this week, too.  If no one locally wants to buy it, I'll list on craigslist and EKN to get it out of here.  Then I'll have the space to work on my motor and brake lines.  Almost time to talk to Mister Pete about swapping their chassis for the K80s so I can work on getting it set up for Kieran.