More progress - finally

posted Mar 16, 2011, 6:56 PM by Scoob Edoo
OK, so I finally received a chain for Kieran's kart - the first order from Arsenal still hasn't come 10 days later (along with other stuff like my new tires...), but his kart is 100% as of tonight.  Yay!

Moving onto mine, I had major problems getting new brake lines to replace those I sold on the old kart.  I had a solution that was a full month in the making, but one of the critical parts was on back-order and still is today - more than 2 months later.  So I hunted around for other solutions and eventually settled on some simple compression fittings and tubing.  Unfortunately, TS Racing had just sold out of some of those pieces on Tuesday, so I went to Comet and got what I needed.  They are shipping today, so I should get it Friday or Saturday.  In the meantime I was out in the garage playing with the chain for Kieran's kart and I started working on several things and eventually got to the brake lines on the Cadet.  I took the lines off, swapped the short line from the master cylinder to the T-fitting with another one I had and hooked it all up - fits perfectly!  So now I have a kart to run on Sunday!  Double YAY!

One last "detail": the trailer still isn't ready to go.  Trailerama was going to put the hitch on today and dewinterize it, but I had mistakenly not given them the key to the hitch lock on the trailer, so they couldn't do any of it.  Arrrgghh.  I stopped by this afternoon and removed the lock, so hopefully they will be able to get it all done tomorrow.  I still need to get it to the scales to get it all balanced.  But on the good side, I ordered and installed myself the Roadmaster Active Suspension system for the truck, so we should be in great shape for towing whenever the trailer is ready to go.

And the last and great news to report: Killeen has decided to race this year, after all.  So she'll be coming with us this weekend to get back in the swing of things.  We're planning to go down to Dover on Sat afternoon and spend the night in the trailer.  Weather is forecast to be beautiful on both days, so we're hopeful that it is a successful weekend.