Miata's maiden voyage

posted Jun 25, 2018, 5:18 AM by Scoob Edoo
With Kieran in California, I've been tweaking the suspension and alignment on the Miata.  Yesterday I got to take it to Bristol for the local event to test it out and see where we need to be on tire pressures and suspension stiffness.  It was a moist morning, so grip was at a premium until the last few runs.  The Rival S tires are apparently pretty forgiving when it comes to pressures for autox so I started at 32 and kept them there for the first three runs then went to 31 and 30 by the end with no appreciable difference.  Adjusting the stiffness of the shocks, however, proved much more interesting.  I've been adjusting the shocks for the street over the last several weeks, eventually deciding on a softer setup with a 2-click different between front and rear (stiffer in the rear).  At the autox, I started 4 clicks harder on both ends and liked it.  Then I tried two more clicks harder on the front (to make it square) but I didn't like that.  So the next iteration was to go two more clicks harder on both ends while maintaining the 2-click different (so 6 clicks stiffer than street).  I like that and in the drying conditions, I was able to continuously improve times.  So next outing will start 6 clicks stiffer on both ends and try to go stiffer after that.

The other thing I learned was how much more fun the local events are when there's class competition.  STR had 6 drivers and Josh and I traded the lead on most of our runs, he being in the first half of the run group and me being about 10 cars later.  I eventually got the win by 0.8xx but he had a dirty run that was only 0.1xx behind.  It was great to have that feeling of pushing and being pushed. And I think it was different from the typical National events in the kart simply because we run altogether at National events but were separated by 10 cars at the local.  Just a different feel.  I think I'll encourage Kieran to run the car locally on occasion so he can experience that.