Lincoln plans

posted Aug 20, 2010, 12:13 PM by Scoob Edoo
So a few things have happened in the last week:

Sal has abandoned F125 and us, so we're on our own for driving out to Lincoln.  22 hours of driving all on my own.  Yikes!  I'll take an extra day off and drive for 2 on the way out so we can be well-rested and early (stopping around Chicago for the night).  On the way back it will still be hairy since we'll have to drive about 6 hours after we run and work on Wednesday, stay overnight in Moline, IL, then drive the rest of the way on Thursday so Kieran can get back for school on Friday.  I think I'll be less well-rested after that...

Run/Work order came out and F125 is running 1st thing Tues/Thurs and the FJB and FJA will be integrated into a real heat (3rd).  I'm indifferent on the first thing in the morning thing, but really jazzed about the juniors running during a real heat, a la Finger Lakes Sunday.  I hope this setup works well and that we can continue this in the future.  I think Philly might try it, too, so Kieran could be a 'regular' autocrosser with the rest of us.