Lincoln, Part Two

posted Sep 22, 2010, 11:02 AM by Scoob Edoo
OK, I've had some time to reflect and calm down.  The trip was good overall, getting to travel for 2 full days with Kieran, seeing Cathy and Grandma Wanda, seeing other friends, meeting new friends, etc.  But I came away deeply disappointed with my performances and with my 'tuning' of Kieran's clutch on the KT100.  I wish I knew what I'd done wrong, but I will need some help getting it right.  And I think I've figured out the third bearing fitment issue, so I will be able to avoid that unfortunate situation in the future.

We got only a few good videos from the whole week, but we've managed to get some good pictures from various people around the country, especially of Kieran.  I think Kieran had a good time, but being competitive would have been nice, too.

So what's next?  I got a new clutch for the K80 for now, while the good KT100 gets rebuilt.  The 2nd KT100 was delivered last week, so we can break that one in at NJMP in a few weeks.  My motor is working A-OK, but we may need to play with jetting this weekend at the Philly #10 event.  I would like to take off the programmable ignition and put the stock CDI on (and remove all that extra lead).