Let the onslaught begin!

posted Jun 7, 2010, 8:55 AM by Scoob Edoo
We're gearing up for several events in the next 6 weeks: 2 Philly events, the DC Pro, Finger Lakes Tour, and the Toledo Pro.  In preparation, I've focused some energy on Kieran's cadet kart to address the brake stiffness - I installed a new brake rotor and tweaked the engagement point of the caliper, but it's still pretty stiff.  The brake is pretty big, so I guess the effort needed is higher?  We'll try to put a small cushion behind him to push him more forward to make it easier to hit the brakes (his leg is almost fully extended as it is).  I also investigated the axle sprocket to determine the best sizes to run for the upcoming events.  He has an 83 on now, so I bought an 86 and an 89 to change things up.  I figure the 83 might be useful for Finger Lakes (and Nationals) but I'll play with the 86 and 89 for the tighter, more technical courses at Pro Solos.

For the shifter, I started setting up the new chassis to get it ready to swap everything over.  Last night I installed the brake master cylinders which required quite a bit of fabrication and manipulation to get it all to work.  I've got an idea, at least, for the rear brake and will try to get that wrapped up this week.  I removed the old seat (too big for me) and picked out a couple of axle sprockets for me, too.  Next thing to do will be to swap the correct seat on and set up the radiator.  I also need to find out if there's a way to swap the front hubs to something compatible with the CRG pattern of my wheels.  Then it's just a matter of swapping in the Suzuki to use the new chassis and get rid of the old one.

It should be an interesting 6 weeks!