LeMons South Fall

posted Sep 25, 2016, 2:59 PM by Scoob Edoo
Yet another chance to drive with the Lowballers at CMP, still in the ConStang.  Since they won the Spring CMP race, the car was supposed to be in Class A but they hadn't upgraded anything to make it faster.  The Friday I was set to leave coincided with a parent teacher conference day so the two middle school kids were home - and it eventually occurred to me that I could take Kieran to his first LeMons race!  So I did. 

We go to CMP in the afternoon before packing up to go to the Camden parade.  Kieran got to ride on the motorized picnic table in the parade and he was hooked.  During the BS inspection, the team managed to convince the judges that the ConStang should stay in B with the overall tea plan being to win all three classes in the three cars.  A worthy goal but hard to accomplish as we'd later find out.

We had a new team member join us from the Mock Grass team since their car was totaled in a wreck at another race over the summer.  But we only had the four of us driving: David, Keith, Kyle, and me.  Saturday racing started with Kyle driving.  Pretty uneventful but he started fuel-starving early and came in about 20 min earlier than expected so I wasn't ready and David jumped in instead.  Again uneventful stint and handed over to me still in contention for class B so I drove hard but not too hard to not stick out amongst the Class B competitors.  However, both the Geo and the Racevan had issues during my stint and dropped out of contention in their classes - and we were already leading Class B by 5 or 7 laps and we were discussing the inevitable bump back up to A when Judge Phil drove into our paddock spot to discuss that with us.  No problem - we made the change and went to fourth place overall and in A.  So I should have been driving harder the entire time, but we were still in contention so no real harm.

The rest of Saturday went smoothly for us and we finished the day in fourth or fifth.  That evening the entir paddock was treated to an incredible BBQ dinner made by Curt who used to be a competitive BBQ guy. It was an astonishingly good meal, with seriously the best BBQ I've ever had.

Sunday morning came and we decided that I'd drive the two hour session with a splash and go after 90 min, if necessary.  As it turned out, we had a 20 min long double-yellow that helped conserve enough fuel that I didn't need the splash.  And I pushed hard without any discernible fuel-starvation until the last lap of the session.  I got hit one time and locked up the rear tires right toward the session, spinning in the last turn. It felt like I got hit the way the rear apparently jumped up from a bump.  I immediately came in to serve my penalty before they even flagged me so I got off with a drive through only.  Overall I think I dropped to sixth overall with that mistake. The rest if the day was uneventful and I think we finished around sixth, 9 laps behind the winning Z3 AMX.

Kieran helped the team a lot with fuel and supplies.  He helped with tools and cleanup and everyone loved him.  I think he had a lot of fun and would love to drive with the team in a few years.