LeMons racing, etc.

posted Nov 29, 2009, 7:33 PM by Scoob Edoo
So the Schumacher Taxi team was looking for one more driver for the Feb race in South Carolina and I decided I had to give it a try.  So for the next three months I will be helping (or hindering) the team ready the MR2 for the race.  This race, "Southern Discomfort", is actually 2 8-hr races with overnight fixing and drinking.  Rob and Dave are working on fixing the spun bearing by replacing the crank and rod that was damaged and basically examining everything to make sure it's all solid.  I would like to help them go over the plans to make the motor and car bulletproof.  When I talked to PapaJohn a few events ago he said that the Audi was bulletproof due to the time they spent going over everything and making it all solid.  That's what we'll do to the MR2 before this race in hopes that it will hold together long enough for its true potential to be realized.  Apparently it is a pretty fast car and should run up toward the front.

But I've also read enough about these races and the cars to know better than to think we might win a race.  It's much more about the experience of working on it, driving like it matters, and then fixing the stuff that shouldn't have broken... And the partying, mustn't forget the partying.

Other updates:
Whilst playing with one of Kieran's K80s today I found my Suzuki J-arm shift linkage!  I knew it was only a matter of time since I placed the order last week.  It was only a few hours after returning from Jeannie's place that I found it in the bottom of my tool box, where I had looked approximately 23 times before.  Funny how that happens (just about every time for me...).

Speaking of the K80, I'm hunting for a builder for that one so I can get it in tip-top shape for the season.  I'm focusing the building on the race motor since it has a kill-switch already wired.  I know the one that came on the kart works and I only need to fix the recoiler to get it operational, so I'll do that one myself.

Now that I have all of the necessary parts for both motors, I will focus on getting them both started to get them broken-in.

Still looking for a trailer...