LeMons car is ready - Karts next

posted Jan 20, 2010, 5:45 PM by Scoob Edoo
Last weekend we wrapped up the LeMons car.  Tidied up several small things and then Dave and Rob got the timing set to be much closer to where it's supposed to be after I left.  Still need to get the tow hooks welded on and look at the timing one last time, but it's ready for SC.

I played with my new chassis for several hours, trying to figure out how the brakes are supposed to work - and there are some problems... First was that the way he had the master cylinders arranged was opposite from most systems.  And the new Brembo set up would also need to be backward, but the rear brake line is not long enought to get that done.  And none of the original lines were included with the sale.  So I moved on to the rear brake setup which is a trick setup using two Brembo 996 calipers mounted on a custom made hanger.  After playing with it for a while, I realized that the calipers were going to hit the disc setup!  AAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!

After that I moved onto the old chassis and it's almost ready to go as it sits, with the TM on it.  So now I'm going to focus on the cadet kart.  We got the new body work this week, so I need to do that and the new rear disc.  Everything else should be good to go, so maybe we'll have that ready for the 31st.