Last event with Philly

posted Mar 13, 2013, 6:44 PM by Scoob Edoo
The kids had their Fall break in mid-Oct and we went back to NJ to see friends.  It happily coincided with a Philly autox and Kieran and I got rides for the day with Marcus and Pete.  Since I'm no longer officially a chief, I actually worked as the Grid master in 1st heat and didn't have to worry about worker assignments for the first time in a very long time.  And since we were in borrowed rides, I didn't have to worry about any kart maintenance or trailer stuff.  Quite a different experience from the normal I'm used to.

Kieran ran with the rest of the kids between 1st and 2nd heats and it didn't go well.  Marcus's kart had a problem with the motor that we later tentatively diagnosed as running without any oil.  I think the low-oil sensor was getting cooked and causing the weird on and off acceleration they were experiencing.  So he only got a couple of runs and they were pretty slow and annoying.  For the second session he got a ride in Ethan's kart and that was seemingly going OK, but he didn't fit in the seat very well so he drove very tentatively on the first run.  On his second run he started off faster and then the motor died!  The fuel pick-up tube had disintegrated inside the tank... So it was a frustrating day for him, but he got to spend the day with all of the kids so I think it was worth it.

I drove Pete's kart with him in the 3rd heat.  He was working on trying to move his weight around to balance the kart better.  And because he's taller than I, I had to use a cushion to get me closer to the pedals, throwing off my balance.  Couple that with the somewhat strange power delivery of his motor and I couldn't get a good handle on it.  I was able to improve a little with tire pressure changes, but the peakiness of the motor was too much for me.  After he popped his chain before his last run he ran Adam's and he was able to see the big difference between the motors, which should be pretty similar since they are essentially the same motor.  So he has a target for getting the motor work done to smooth out those peaks.

So we had a good trip and we got to see lots of people.

Next up, I think I will pull the motors from the karts and bring them home.  Kieran's motors will be going up for sale and we'll be working on getting him a World Formula motor and getting it installed on his chassis.  Still waiting for the 2013 National Tour and ProSolo schedules to be released, but I got advance word on the big ones - Spring Nats in Lincoln (Memorial Day weekend), Summer Nats in Blytheville (July 4th weekend?), and Fall Nats back in Lincoln (Labor Day again).  We should be able to make Spring and Summer with Kieran only missing the last two days of school.  We will try to hit 3 or 4 other big events within 10 hours.