Last event of 2013

posted Sep 29, 2013, 4:07 PM by Scoob Edoo
It's a little early this year, but I have knee surgery scheduled for later this week, so this weekend's event with ETR is our last event of this year.  We didn't get nearly as many events in as I'd hoped, but still we made good progress with Kieran's new World Formula motor and I didn't blow up any motors for 2 years in a row now, so that's something...

This event was ETR's charity event at Adesa Auto Auction which, last year, was our first event with ETR.  This year the weather was forecast to be perfect and it materialized as such: 75 degrees and sunny.  We had 109 drivers for the event, plus 5 or 7 police in their challenge to start the festivities.  During the event proper people could pay $10 for a ride-along in either the crazy modified Elise or the brand new, less than a week old C7 Corvette Stingray.  Much money was made for United Way from those.  I'm thinking there were at least 20 in each and maybe more than 30 by the time it was over.

This time Kieran ran between 1st and 2nd heats, so the surface was warm and his tires got some heat in them.  I only made one minor tweak to his air:fuel mix after his first run and he was happy with the kart as it was.  I think his fastest time was a 48.3xx which was bested by only a few cars in first heat and looked very good.  His last run likely would have been better but his chain popped off at the penultimate corner so we'll never know.  He's just able to use so much more of the torque of this motor that it's putting strain on the chain on come high-grip corners now.  On the growing list of items to help with that is a guide like Trey has on his (and that hides the number of teeth on the sprocket).

I went out and attacked the course on my first run and was rewarded with a 40.2xx, an absolutely smoking time that I couldn't match after that.  My tires are just so old and worn out that I couldn't find enough grip to go faster.  In fact I had two nearly identical 41.2xx trying to keep things faster and cleaner.  Regardless, that 40.2 on my first run was enough to win the PAX for the day and set fast time by about 7 seconds.  And lest I forget how bumpy that lot is - it's BUMPY!  Not as bad as Dover, but pretty bad.  I actually pulled a muscle in my left ribcage and had to medicate to sleep last night.

So what needs to be done before next year?  Here's my list of items to work on:

New floor pan for Kieran's kart (use diamond plate or similar)
Change Kieran's motor oil
Remove Kieran's restrictor
Change Kieran's class to JA
New or painted bodywork for my kart
New brake lines for my kart
New tires for Kieran (MG Red)
New tires for me (MG Green)

to be continued.