Last 2009 event - Philly

posted Oct 25, 2009, 6:54 PM by Scoob Edoo
Philly Region's October 25th event was changed up from the original plan - we teamed up with the Eagles and CJ's Tires for a big "Tackling Breast Cancer" fundraiser with Hankook and Aramark.  We moved our event to the North lot of the Lincoln Financial Stadium which turned out to be about the size of Boeing's lot - i.e. not big.  But as a part of a huge overall event, we accepted that we could take a hit on our course to show off what we do and help the cause.

Well, I had no motors finished so I went into the final event without a ride.  I talked to a few people, but a lot of co-drives were already set.  Sal said I could drive his S2000 - excellent choice!  Sal forsook the Raptor today because he thought the course didn't favor that car - so he jumped in Matt's SS Z06.  Turned out to not be the best move of the year as he did not like the feel of the Vette.  So he decided to drive with me in the 3rd heat in his car to see if he could redeem himself.  It just wasn't his day, though.  I liked driving his car, though, but I wasn't very fast: OLD tires and a surface with pretty low grip.  But RWD is sure fun...

Kieran's kart was not having its best day, either.  It was launching much better after my cleaning last week, but it wasn't reaching full throttle throughout much of the course and every time he let off or braked, it was not coming back to full boil.  It was getting better after his 3rd run, and Steven and I talked to him about holding the throttle for more of the course and not to worry about spinning - oh, yeah, and Vicky is beating you by 2 seconds.  That seemed to register with him as he went out and dropped 5 sec on his last run to take the win.  So it's hard to say exactly what, if anything, was really wrong with the kart or if he was just being overly cautious in a new, small lot.  Regardless, it seemed to be running very well by the end and was certainly good enough for that course.